Leaders need more than just new skills - they need to build the energy and capacity to continuously learn, adapt and collaborate.

Leadership Learning Journey

​The depth and breadth of leadership capability is consistently a top three issue reported by nearly every CEO of every large business. Even when a business has clearly defined what is needed from their leaders to deliver its strategy, it remains true that changing how people lead is very hard.​

Traditional leadership development has consistently failed to help leaders adapt to the new reality of modern business and create the shift in behaviour needed to accelerate change.

Our approach to leadership development helps leaders open up to the possibility of real personal change, whilst creating a supportive leadership community that helps the change endure and grow. Anchored in the day-to-day reality of leading in their business, we create transformative journeys that take leaders through a series of provocative experiences and conversations, ensuring they challenge the underlying assumptions and beliefs that drive current behaviours.

Supported by digital tools, we then guide them through a natural behaviour change process that uses experiments and constant feedback to build the new skills and habits they want and need to adopt.

Ultimately, we build the relationships and networks required to scale individual behavioural change into a leadership community that will drive exponential commercial impact.

Over a 24-month period, we instilled the top 200 leaders of Lloyds Banking Group with the mind-set and skills needed to lead a more agile, customer-centric organisation, whilst equipping them to cascade it to the next 2000 colleagues.