Leaders cannot drive reinvention unless they are crystal clear on the stretch they need to make themselves.

Leadership Definition and Direction

In a world of continuous change, the role of leaders has never been more important – when people look up, what will they see?  Businesses consistently fail to bring the same level of forensic scrutiny they apply to their strategy, when defining what is specifically needed from their leaders to deliver it.

Ultimately, a lack of clarity about how leaders need to be means people will experience varying degrees of conflicting behaviours. At best that will slow execution and erode value – at worst apathy or cynicism will set in, leaving your people more focussed on managing up and surviving rather than driving the business forward.

Leadership expectations are tools that translate complex strategic themes into memorable everyday actions, making it simple to understand and then act in new ways. They bring clarity to what leaders need to do and how they need to lead, fuelled by a clear and compelling articulation of why leadership must shift.

We work with executive teams to help them define a simple, commercial and stretching point of view on the future of leadership in their business. Leadership definition and direction is not fixed, but instead stretches and evolves in line with strategic priorities.

"Together, we've created an incredibly simple set of leadership expectations, grounded in our strategy, which will enable our philosophy of ‘playing to win’ to really come alive.”