Most companies have a strategy - few have a clear and enduring sense of direction that drives the right action day to day.

3-5 year Blueprint

Businesses often struggle to create the link between strategy and purpose, unable to communicate the complexities of their strategy to their people, and ignoring culture as part of the strategic problem. The result is inconsistent leadership, poor decision making, confusion around priorities and disengagement at every level.

Our blueprint work lays out a 3-5 year architecture for the future of your business, providing total clarity on what you need to do and how you need to operate – fuelled by a clear and compelling articulation of why you exist.

We work with executive teams at critical moments for the business, to help them align around and land a simple, commercial and stretching point of view on the future direction of their business – making sure real choices have been made and ensuring that they are ready to lead for it with skill and conviction.

“The strategy we've created has allowed the business to better understand where we are going. People now see the role they are able to play within that.”


At Aviva our senior team's work led to a


increase in engagement and


increase in share price within 12 months