Sophie Marr



Project management, insight gathering and analysis, consumer and competitor research, gathering stimulus, client relationships, events.

Business highlights

Founder's Trainee | Streetbees
Supporting and shadowing the CEO and COO of a high growth tech-start up, gaining insight into what it takes to be a successful, disruptive business. My work involved facilitating the smooth running of the co-founders’ work, as well as supporting on client projects. During my time with Streetbees, they underwent a £10million funding round, meaning maintaining strong relationships with investors and clients was pivotal to my role.

Junior Business Consultant | Challenges Worldwide, ICS
Formally trained and practiced as a consultant with SMEs in Zambia. I spent three months working with a personal protective equipment retailer in the Copperbelt region. After conducting in-depth analysis, identifying pain points, I developed a plan to help them diversify and re-invent themselves in a struggling market.

Why I love what I do

I love challenging things, questioning the norm and pushing the boundaries. My role allows me to probe and question problems, people and opinions. I enjoy witnessing the shift in people’s mindsets when confronted with a totally new way of looking at something. Having the opportunity to witness this in the senior leadership teams of some of the world’s largest businesses is thrilling, and even more inspiring when one witnesses these changes having a positive impact on the wider business, and the individuals that work in them.

A business result I'm proud of

Having the opportunity to work in Zambia as a consultant was a challenging, yet transformative experience. I worked with a large protective equipment retailer, struggling to cope in an ever-changing market flooded with international investment. This, combined with the strains of adjusting to a new culture and adopting different ways of working, required plenty of flex and adaptability.

However, through developing strong relationships within the business, I managed to grasp the crux of their struggles and lead them through a reinvention - namely, diversifying into new markets, through an updated sales and marketing strategy. Witnessing the energy and engagement from those within the business throughout this transformation was massively rewarding.

A business reinvention I admire

Easily recognised by their iconic three stripe logo, adidas survived for years selling to sports enthusiasts and aspiring athletes. However, soon the American sporting juggernaut, Nike, pushed them into the shadows. Sports-luxe began dominating the high street, and the rise of smaller, more creative brands looked to threaten adidas even further.

In this continually disrupted market, adidas took the strategic decision to reinvent themselves to reestablish their identity. They rearticulated their purpose - creating a ‘uniform for life’ - and their central values as being ‘the creator brand’ and a ‘brand in beta’. Refocusing their people on a new purpose and values instilled a mindset in the organisation to push boundaries, innovate and reinvent continually, and value individual expression. They began looking beyond sport, to technology and fashion, producing inspiring new products, targeting the trend-savvy and opening them up to a new generation of customers. Adidas transformed from a sporting symbol, struggling in Nike’s shadow, in to a brand considered aspirational by people all over the world.