Simon Hall



Insight gathering and analysis, project management, planning and execution, creative thinking, content creation, thought leadership journalism, online marketing.

Why I love what I do

Large scale organisations are forever hindered by legacy, a lack of innovation and their inability to move at pace. I love that this job allows me to help businesses look beyond the short-term resolution, and instead strive to reinvent their organisation from the boardroom to the factory floor.

A business result I'm proud of

As an enthusiast of the ‘unthinkable’, the opportunity to work with the world’s leading gaming company to create the vision, mindset and collaboration needed to develop the games of the future was truly inspiring to be a part of. Not content with the successes that had helped fuel their ascent to the top, we helped their games makers to think bigger, smarter and further out, in pursuit of the unimaginable.

A business reinvention I admire

With Apple now at the forefront of technological advance and its products considered the pinnacle of ‘twenty-first century cool’, it’s easy to overlook the company's turbulent past. During the 1990s, in the face of stiff competition from IBM, Dell and HP, the company came agonisingly close to bankruptcy. However, it had an unerring ability to reinvent a pre-existing idea, whether that was within the market or within its own range. I have long admired Apple’s intrepid approach to embracing change and reimagine itself as it reacts to continuously shifting consumer demands.

However, what is in many ways the most commendable feature of Apple’s reinvention has been their ability to generate a completely new business model, with the conception of an interdependent product range. Through the creation of software that works exclusively on Apple products, they have implicitly forced the customer to invest in the brand rather than an individual product. They are slowly developing a product range that can be utilised in almost every aspect of life, which, for me, is an unbelievable achievement given their tenuous position just two decades prior.