Sarah Callis



Headhunting, executive search, talent aquisiton, recruitment strategy, people development, culture, team organisation & resourcing, event production.

Business highlights

Director/ Creative Headhunter | The Callis House Ltd
Launched my own creative talent consultancy working with and placing best-in-class creative talent at all levels, across advertising, media and production companies world-wide.

Creative Consultant | Grace Blue Ltd
Helped build, shape and grow a leading global creative consultancy, working with senior talent of the advertising, production & communications industries; I spent my time getting to know the brightest & finest global talent, matching them to specific briefs through a process of rigorous research & proactive networking.

EA | ?What If! Innovation
Supported the Founder/Chairman & Global Client Director - helping them manage, prioritise and balance the day to day running of the business, client business, business development & people development.

Why I love what I do

I have a passion for people and for helping talent realise their own potential. I feel excited to be helping grow, drive, nurture and develop the talent at businessthreezero - boosting our brand and culture. Being part of this step-change as we mature from start-up into small business and beyond, helping to continue to cultivate and shape the future of the business.

A business result I'm proud of

At a time when I was headhunting, helping to shape the career paths and futures of senior creatives within leading global Ad agencies, a number of new ECDs (Executive Creative Directors) were 'born'. They were given the opportunity to sit in the “hot” seat – and tasked with not only creatively leading new agencies but in some cases, also managing them. Most of these highly talented and respectfully awarded individuals weren’t at all experienced in running and or managing departments let alone agencies. As a result, we took the initiative of organising and hosting regular ECD dinners, where by these newly appointed/ promoted individuals could share their fears, views and experiences of what it was like leading a creative agency for the first time. It gave them all an underlying confidence knowing they weren’t alone. “A problem shared is a problem halved”. These dinners were a great success and became synonymous with our Brand. We then created a forum – a space where they would contact one another to share issues, scenarios, accomplishments. The result saw these once fairly inexperienced creatives directors becoming strong, successful leaders.

A business reinvention I admire

Skoda! Why? Because building a strong brand is tough, but re-building one after a failure is even harder. Before WW II, Skoda was a respected car manufacturer and at the time, a competitor to the likes of Mercedes. However, after the war, their factory fell under communist rule leading to decline in investment and later to a steep decline in quality. For decades to follow they became the butt of every car joke until 1992 when VW bought them – turning the Skokda business around. VW implemented a new strategy with the focus on building quality and although the designs were changed, the original features remained which showed their heritage. This together with a smart marketing campaign – making humorous ads showing customer’s perception (that Skoda made bad cars) with the tagline “It is a Skoda too. Honest” got the business back on its feet taking almost 3% of the market share in of one of the most competitive markets of the world..