Nicola Bradley



Design thinking, event management, human-centered design, visual storytelling, product design and development.

Business highlights

Producer | ?What If! Innovation
Managed and produced a vast range of business transformation and innovation projects across FMCG, Retail, Insurance and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Innovation Development | Cancer Research UK
Worked with a small and agile team within CRUK, to build the next mass fundraiser for the Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

Why I love what I do

I love to think about the people involved in whatever I am creating, to get into their mindset and design an experience that effortlessly speaks to them, it’s memorable but above all meaningful.

A business result I'm proud of

I worked as part of a team that was tasked with redesigning the office space of a large London-based insurance company. Beyond the practicalities and aesthetics of the space, at the heart of the problem was to design the office to increase interaction between different departments. We worked with a taskforce made up of people across the business who each had a take on what the space needed to be. After intensive insight-gathering, distilling the principles and prototyping ideas, we built a guide on how to get the most out of their space coupled with design recommendations. The new office is now set up and running with productivity and interaction levels consistently increasing.

A business reinvention I admire

The National Geographic Society began in 1888, and after 129 years is still a powerful brand, but to still be relevant and loved by thousands worldwide, Nat Geo has had to weather quite a few changing landscapes and shift with evolving trends.

Starting as a print magazine published by the Society, sales began to decline about 20 years ago because younger generations associated the magazine with their parents and grandparents. Nat Geo’s strategy was to restructure and embrace the growth of digital, and expand to other media outlets to re-engage with the younger generations in a more relevant way. Since then, Nat Geo has expanded to travel advice, exhibition and events, and created more compelling and engaging content for its TV channel. As an indicator of how well they have reconnected with the youth market, Nat Geo overtook Nike as the brand with the most Instagram followers and now has over 73 million people following the brand.