Lucy Miller



Digital strategy, digital solution design, operations and business management, client relationships, project management, team leadership, process and behaviour change.

Business highlights

Operations Manager / Rackspace
Worked alongside global sales leadership to accurately forecast for the DACH region. Operationalised commission and incentive schemes for new products for the EMEA sales force. Defined a new set of rules of engagement for the global sales force.

Sales Manager / Rackspace
Responsible for £18m annual revenue across a team of Business Development Consultants. Established high growth sales strategy which was scaled across the EMEA sales force.

Business Development / Rackspace
Helped technology-first companies define their cloud infrastructure strategies, implement the infrastructure and grow it in line with their business goals. My experience extended from companies which were starting up at the time like Funding Circle, through to large telcos like O2.

Valuations Assistant / Sotherby’s
Consolidated information from experts and art databases to support Valuations Managers in compiling collection valuations for organisations and high net worth individuals.

Why I love what I do

Large organisations have an immense responsibility for the livelihoods of tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people at a time. If inertia gets the better of them, or they don’t scale real change beyond the exec team, huge numbers of jobs could be at risk. I love being at the forefront of shifting big businesses’ trajectory, because it often holds the key to a better future for those people.

A business result I'm proud of

LVMH is a phenomenally impressive combination of 70 Maisons, each with their own unique identity and brand. But at the heart of every Maison, is a set of values - a red thread that binds them. These are so culturally and commercially important that Monsieur Arnault assesses each LVMH acquisition against them. So, it follows that the Maisons’ strength lies partly in ensuring that these values live every day.

Our job was to galvanise the group around their values and the core belief that people will make the difference in the ever-changing landscape of a highly competitive luxury market. We designed an approach to engage a cohort of 1300 ambassadors, from HR to senior leadership, in a set of iconic conversations which would in turn be cascaded across 145,000 employees.

My role was to set up an online space for them to share stories, ideas, and download the tools we’d created to support one another as the conversations spread. It was immense to see the Be LVMH programme ‘go viral’. Every day we saw photos, videos and stories emerge in real time, encapsulating exactly what it means to Be LVMH.

A business reinvention I admire

NASA is literally out of this world. The technology innovation borne out of NASA changes lives here on earth; from creating the digital imagery that underpins CAT scans to dust busters which were originally designed to collect samples from the moon. As a business, I admire how NASA has remained agile, even under constant funding, regulatory and federal administration changes and the advent of commercial space programmes.

In the 60s, it was funded solely by the US government, competing with other countries in a race to the moon. It both developed and consumed its own technology. The organisational and operational model fundamentally shifted in the early 90s as several countries banded together to launch human missions in deep space and build the International Space Station. The whole culture had to change so that NASA could collaborate.

And today they operate in an entirely different way, in an environment and market populated by commercial space exploration companies. They now work with a network of organisations, both governmental and commercial, to achieve their deep space goals. How they balance all of that and remain at the forefront of science and technology, defies gravity