Jessie Pickwoad



Operations & business management, client relationships, resource & project management, team leadership, process & behaviour change.

Business highlights

Commercial & Resource Manager | ?What If! Innovation
Client/Business Support - managing the commercial pipeline and end to end commercial management of project work. Resource Management - managing capacity, guiding recruitment focus and development, planning teams and placing consultants. Commercial Management - tracking revenue and client profitability, business planning, commercial support on proposals, RfPs, etc.

Director | Limby & Penner Ltd.
Insight consultant to Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Insight Strategist | Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Working with policy makers to insure the customer is at the heart of decisions.

Why I love what I do

I love sitting at the heart of a thriving business, it brings out the nosey neighbour in me to know all about the client work in play, what is on the horizon and how we are performing as a business. The art of balancing commercial performance with people’s energy and skills comes very naturally to me so I love nothing more than a crunchy resource problem to solve.

A business result I'm proud of

Shortly after leaving the Civil Service I set up on my own and took to the road as a consultant for Defra. My first project centered around a four-month tour of the UK coastline meeting with with over 140 fishermen to gather insights on how to regulate catches for small, inshore fishing boats. It was a fascinating experience which taught me a lot both professionally and personally and became a vital input to policy making in this area.

A business reinvention I admire

I admire the sheer gutsiness of the reinvention BT are currently attempting. Off the back of a few failed attempts, and in a market that’s already experiencing severe disruption, BT have bitten back at those stealing their lunch by pulling up a seat at their table. BT challenged BSkyB’s hold over Champion’s & Premier League broadcasting rights in their first foray into television production, and are moving from the physical cable business of traditional telecoms to creating a media & telecoms business that they hope will be wireless by 2025.

They have not pulled it off yet - it’s not easy for such a juggernaut of a company to pivot - but they have gone for it and there is a lot to be said for the courage they have shown in doing so.