Emily Kendall



Consumer behavioural change, consumer research and analysis, event production, stim research.

Business highlights

Founder | Beetox
Having identified a real demand for healthy, sustainable lunches amongst our cohort of university students, a friend and I built a company, brand and social media following from the ground up. In the first two weeks of trading, we sold over 1000 units - and have sold out every pop-up since.

Intern | EV Driver
An electric vehicle charge point start up. I was involved in the bringing together of two different international companies, to align two-market leading electric car charging hardware and software and open channels of communication between them, in time for EV Driver’s first commercial client.

Intern | Wheatsheaf Group
A branch of the Grosvenor estate, which invests in long-term, economically viable sustainability solutions. I completed a research project on global future food trends to influence future investments.

Why I love what I do

My role allows me to learn from the very best in a range of areas. I am part of a business that drives for change and makes real impact. I love playing a part in that whether it’s logistical, researching session stim, or working on internal systems.

A business result I'm proud of

As part of a team working on the large-scale reorganisation of an iconic hospitality brand, we helped the Exec form as a team, articulate a strategy that would set them up for success in a rapidly changing industry, and communicate this in a compelling way to the rest of the business. Our work culminated in a transformative event, showcasing businessthreezero at its best - impactful stimulus and powerful conversations that helped groups of senior leaders get excited about the future of their company, and empowered them to lead for it.

A business reinvention I admire

Linney Group started as a single family bookshop in 1851. It has continued in the world of print to the present day. By 1995 it sold its group of regional newspapers at the top of the market and has transformed itself into an international marketing services company. Its foresight to completely embrace the digital age is commendable. Thanks to Linney’s understanding of digital technology, its biggest client, McDonalds, no longer has paper menus behind the till. Instead of printing huge volumes of new marketing material every few months it can change its customer’s menus several times a day using digital screens in their restaurants. It aims to be the first UK printer not to use paper in its products. After 160 years its revenues are growing at 30% per annum and it has recently adopted a new strapline ‘Restless since 1851’. It’s hard not to admire this approach and success.