Becky Rea



Inspiring strategy, cultural insight, organisational change, innovation expertise, experience design, leadership development, employee engagement.

Business highlights

Founder and Director | WhiteCloud Partners
Provided Leadership Coaching and Organisational change expertise to various FTSE 100 clients including IKEA, BP and BAE systems helping their leaders develop the mindset, energy and capability to deliver growth in a constantly dynamic and disrupted markets.

Director of Transformation| ?What If! Innovation (New York City & Europe)
Led large scale transformation and innovation programmes in Europe and North America, delivering growth, increased leadership engagement, collaboration and customer focus for GlaxoSmithKline, BP, Lloyds Banking Group, News International, Boots Retail and Centrica, amongst others.

Senior Consultant | Willis Towers Watson
Developed and executed the Employee Engagement and Talent Management offering within the European and North American businesses, which became a world-renowned offering, allowing clients around the globe to better measure and track the ROI on people strategies.

Organisational Change Consultant | Fletcher Challenge ltd
Worked with the Fletcher Challenge Holdings group to de-merge and divest New Zealand’s largest energy, forestry, construction and building Corporation.

Why I love what I do

During times of change, people’s natural default is to stick with what they know. However conventional thinking is often the enemy when it comes to building energy and momentum. Helping senior teams challenge their beliefs and assumptions, about what it really takes to lead businesses through times of change, is what really gets me going. I know I've made a difference when I help my clients recognise that what led to their success today, may not lead to success tomorrow and then to translate this new insight into new approaches to customer experience, their role in society or the way they show-up as leaders.

A business result I am proud of

Re-inventing the approach to customer experience in Boots retail stores resulting in a double digit increase in customer advocacy scores and roll-out in 2,500 stores national-wide.

A business reinvention I admire

Having worked with Lego on their innovation strategy, I have glimpsed behind the case studies and witnessed a leadership team willing to question, challenge and disrupt within clear parameters. In a world where every child spends hours in-front of a screen, this manufacturer of little plastic bricks, has stayed not only relevant but, have achieved year-on-year growth. In 2015 they reported a phenomenal 25% growth - in stark contrast to the early 1990’s where a bloated production line and loss in market share plunged Lego into a commercial and philosophical crisis. I admire Lego for their dedication to one thing - Play. They are aware that to remain relevant in the digital age, they must keep their customers at the heart of product and business model innovation whilst remaining resolutely disciplined about their core business practices.