Adele Preater



Project & programme management, process mapping, client relationships, stakeholder management.

Business highlights

Project Co-ordinator | HarperCollins Publishers
Management of all projects and documenting of processes within the global Pricing & Analytics function, supporting the shaping and planning of strategic objectives.

Client Business Manager | YSC
Project management of leadership assessment and development programmes for global clients across sectors including pharmaceuticals, financial services and oil & gas.

Why I love what I do

For me, it’s the challenge of solving the puzzle that a project represents. I thrive sitting at the centre of the project and being able to look at it as a whole from above but also being able to drill down into the detail to set up robust plans, critically assess progress, and constantly evaluate how to resolve issues. The perspective I get from the centre also allows me to manage processes, simplifying and improving where required – I love a process!

A business result I'm proud of

I worked to streamline processes on a global cornerstone client within the oil and gas sector, reducing the inefficiencies that had developed over time within the management of the client and its projects. To start, this involved encouraging healthy debates over our management of clients as a whole. I demystified internal structures and processes within the client, reinvigorating our team’s enthusiasm and engagement with the client which over time had diminished whilst also assessing the effectiveness of our own processes. Bringing the problems that were being experienced to the forefront and collaborating on discussions on how to improve delivery through a change of both attitude and processes led to an increase in our agreed KPIs and an all-round healthier, open client relationship.

A business reinvention I admire

I admire McDonalds’ fearless approach to embracing change and reinventing itself as it responds positively to continuously changing consumer habits. From healthier options in Happy Meals and cheaper menu options to a more recent focus on the quality of its meat and reducing sugar and salt, it is unafraid to tackle critique head on. It is constantly challenging its heritage by reinventing its offering and strategy to stay relevant in such a competitive and markedly different industry environment to the one it started in, focusing relentlessly on its customers which feels imperative to its continued survival.